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Whether it’s your first time reading, or you’re a seasoned vet, this article goes up and down the DraftKings or Fan Duel’s salary list, and talks about plays and strategies that could be “against the grain.” If you’re not a golfer, putting against the grain is the reference to the way a “green” is cut and if one is going “against the grain” you’re putting away from it.

Recap of Last Week’s Article

The top price category- DJ/Watson stack earns half a point as does the kuchar fade.

Second price category- Nailed Woodland but off the mark with mcdowell.. ½ point

Third- Summerhays/Tway were marginal at best…

Fourth-Actually did really well here getting all 6 guys through the cut that i recommended.

My Fan Duel Results-

Not a great week for me as i decided to go Du Toit in the 1000 buy in…To thin and a mistake that cost me. I’ll be back this week.


Fan Duel Contests This Week:

Backing off a bit from the big contests last week… FanDuel sticks with their 20k up top for a small dollar max entry GPP.


$4 Eagle- 100K GTD– 20K to first for this contest with a 150 max entry. The people in the industry are really flocking to this contest! HERE TO STAY!

$33 Driver- 25K GTD- 5K to first in this mid dollar buy in. Max of 26 entries for this contest.

$333 PGA Monster 40K GTD- 10K first place with a max of 10 entries here.

$1 PGA Flop Shot 12K GTD- 5 entry max and a $1,000 first place for a 1$ buy in is pretty awesome! Love this contest for beginners!

$4 Golf Clap 10K GTD-  20 entry max and 1k to first place in FanDuels extension of the ever popular DK $4 fore.

$7 PGA Putter 5K GTD- Single entry here and first gets $500. This is an awesome way to get to test some GPP strategies in a single entry format!

$25 PGA Pin Seeker 5K GTD- Another single entry with a step up in in PP and therefore 1st place. $750 for this one.


$8,000 & Above:Need a few more so we dip to 8k.

12 guys fit this category:



Highest Owned: DJ Spieth Rory Koepka All over 30%

Lowest Owned:  Day or Rahm 10-15%


GTA (Game Theory Analysis):The first thing that needs to be brought out, and if you read “The Winning Element” you’ll know what this is… Koepka’s absurdly low price. This should create a bubble in ownership, and provides for a pivotal play for the week. If he hits, and you don’t have him, it could really hurt, but if he finishes outside of the top 15 and doesn’t make many birdies, you’ll be significantly above the field. Matsuyama also gets a pretty hefty decrease from site to site, and people may go there. Fanduel this week though really gave gamers the chance to get whatever four stack of golfers they want. Sometimes even 5. Thus, i expect ownership to be very high as total owned in this group with nobody below 10%.

The Top Play: Ok… my stack> DJ,Spieth,Rory,(Rahm/Day)… <projected ownership to be the lowest


8 golfers fit this category:



Highest Owned:Fleetwood


GTA: Only 8 guys here this week, but plenty of sexy names. Fleetwood will certainly be popular as will Justin Rose. The other Justin in the group JT, may go overlooked with all the MCs recently. The chalk will certainly be in the first two names, and provides the other 6 guys a great way to create some positive variance in your GPP lineups.


The Top Play:Full on against the grain here, let’s go noren/reed/thomas.


15 golfers fit this category:


Highest Owned: Phil Berger and Leishman.

Lowest Owned: Wood and Hatton


GTA: Going through this list, i’m inclined to think its actually better, much better than the price category above it… Phil is always very popular and Leish & Berger are hot right now so I expect that’s where the masses will go. Schwartzel will also get plenty of looks, as will ZJ. Pivot plays from this category is how you’ll separate yourself. Some of the plays i’m looking into are: Dufner and JB Holmes.

The Top Play: Pick the chalk you like and stack with Dufner and JB.

$Below 6k –The Rest: 43 golfers

Top Owned Guy: Watson/Woodland/Chappell


GTA & Top Play: Great set’s of talent in the pool this week for this price category, and plenty of guys that will garner tons of ownership. As I mentioned earlier Fanduel is giving us the chance to stack whatever 4 guys we want, and that leaves us with an average of anywhere between 5000 and 6000 per player left… Two guys that stick out to me through the statistical approach is Dechambeau and Bryan. Two tour rookies playing in the first WGC event, will surely aim to be aggressive in the no cut format. Hometown hero HV3 is interesting to look at, and also take a look Thorborn Olesen. Pat Perez and Billy Horschel popped in terms of OWGR vs. Price… (this is a tool i don’t’ use often, but for no cut events it makes sense to take a look)

Positive Price List:

This list is going to show the top price differences between DK and FD priced over 5K on FD

  • Name (price difference)
  1. Kopeka (2500)
  2. Olesen (2400)
  3. DeChambeau (2300)
  4. Spieth/DJ (2100)
  5. Harman/Horshcel/Hend/Paratore (2100)

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