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Our Approach

At Tour Level, we provide industry-leading content, dynamic cheat sheets, and the human element aspect to give you the EDGE.

Our Story

The Tour Level Team evolved out of our shared passion for the game of golf. We combine several elements in the fantasy realm to take it up a notch to the Tour Level.

Jason Rouslin

Jason Rouslin

El Presidente & DFS-Afficiando

Hailing from the littlest state there is (with the biggest acutally name btw) Jason’s best attempt at looking like Walt Disney is pictured here. He is loving husband and dog-dad of the two most adorable Labrador retrievers out there. If he’s not working on creating actionable content or running the website for Tour Level, he’s watching golf. With whatever spare time is left, he can be found at the golf course, on a hike with his family, and if all else fails, you can find him @ Disney World. Wanna chat with him? Hop on twitter @dfsgolfer23. Jason aims to consistently be among the 10 highest ranked DFS-Golfer gamers according to the RG Rankings. 

Joshua Grenier

Joshua Grenier

He's Got the Numbahs

Joshua Grenier the third native New Englander @tourlvlfantasy, currently resides in CT with his wife and 2 kids. There are 3 certainties in life… DFS, Death, and Taxes. Tour Levels takes care of the first and Josh takes care of the last. You can find him on the golf course, itching to learn more about course architecture and design. He takes that passion and brings you “The First Cut” each week as the course preview article. Find him on twitter @J_P_Grenier

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