Strength to Drive The Green W/ @DK-DFS- FedEx St.Jude

Strength to Drive The Green W/ @DK-DFS- FedEx St.Jude

Thanks for joining the first edition of our new article series ” Strength to Drive The Green W/ @DK-DFS”. If you haven’t had a chance to look at the sheets head over to he DKDFS Hub to check them out!  You’ll also find the description of each sheet as well as the links to the most recent ones there! Now, onto this article. This article will go over all three sheets, and try and match up the data, with names. We will look to develop themes throughout this article using all of the sheets to help focus on specific golfers that may be in line for a good finish this week! 

Course History:

Believe in it or not, many have their theories, it exists and is quite important to the overall prediction of how a golfer will finish. When we look at Course history though, we don’t want to just look at previous finishes but how those players attained them. One of the only ways to do this is from a statistical approach.   Let’s start off with 2017 to get a good overview of what exactly the sheet is telling us, and an average of 2013-2017:

Top 4 Correlations from 2017:

Bogey Avoidance

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Commentary: No surprise to see Stenson and Johnson leading the field in this category, but there are certainly some other names that stand out. Chez Reavie who has been out of favor since his improbable top 25 run earlier this season, comes in ranked 18th on the season in Bogey avoidance. At a reasonable price of 7600 and 9200, he may be one we want to key in on this week. Additionally, Ben Crane has endured a nice comeback season, but at 7400 seems a bit high for what we are used to seeing for Crane.  Lastly, the ever-intriguing story of Hunter Mahan, who gave up a 54 whole lead to go be at the birth of his child, YOU DID THE RIGHT THING HUNTER but hasn’t endured any type of sustained success since then. Maybe this will be the week the winning form returns. 

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