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Whether it’s your first time reading, or you’re a seasoned vet, this article goes up and down the DraftKings or Fan Duel’s salary list, and talks about plays and strategies that could be “against the grain.” If you’re not a golfer, putting against the grain is the reference to the way a “green” is cut and if one is going “against the grain” you’re putting away from it.

Recap of Last Week’s Article

The top price category-Missed out on Mats… -1 

Second price category- Noren Reed Thomas- +1 all provided good value. 

Third- Not bad as Pieters let us down on Sunday. 

Fourth-Dechambeau and Bryan… Not the best or worst. 

My Fan Duel Results-

Well at 2:00 pm Sunday i was leading both the 1060 and 333. Problem was I didn’t have Hoffman on either and Matsuyama on the 1000. I ended up in 7th in the FD 333 with the lineup pictured below. 

Fan Duel Contests This Week:

Top Heavy contests is FanDuel’s game with PGA, and i have to say i don’t mind it… I’ll provide screen shots and additional info this week. **Lineups- This just indicates that people or “entrants” may enter more than 1 lineup. 

Mass Entry GPPs: 

$1590 Gladiator- $30K GTD– 15K to first or the high dollar buy ins. Max of 5 buy ins. 20 Total Lineups** 

  • Last weeks cash line: 587.9

$555 Mega Monster- $130K GTD- 30K to first for the second highest dollar buy in. 260 Total Lineups

  • Last weeks cash line: 569.1.

$44 Driver- 75K GTD– 10K to first in this mid dollar buy in. Max of 60 entries for this contest. 2005 Total Lineups** 

  • Last weeks cash line: 584.6.

$6 Golden Eagle- 225K GTD– 50K to first for this contest with a 150 max entry. Fanduel’s version of the $4 eagle. 44,117 total lineups* 

  • Last weeks Cash line: 583.1


Single/Limited Entry GPPs 

$25 Pin Seeker- 9K GTD- Another Single entry contest here paying at 1k to first. 423 Total Entrants. 

$15 Middle Iron- 5K GTD- 5 entry max here for this mid price buy-in that comes with a 1k first place. 392 Total Lineups

$10 Punch Shot- 8K GTD- This single entry contest pays out 800 to first place in the flattest payout tournament FD offers this week. 941 Total Entrants 

$7 Chipper- 6K GTD- $750 to first in his single entry mid buy in contest. 1008 Total Entrants 

$5 Caddie- 10K GTD- 1K to first place in this single entry low dollar buy in. 2352 Total Entrants 

$2 Driving Range – 9K GTD- 1K to first here for this 5 entry max contest. FanDuel tries to differentiate their contests providing more opportunity for an equal playing field.  5294 Total Lineups 

$1 Flop Shot 15K GTD– 5 entry max and a $1,500 first place for a 1$ buy in is pretty awesome! Love this contest for beginners! 17,467 Total Lineups 

$1 PGA Hole in One 9K GTD- Single entry, for one single dollar here. Paying $900 to first. 10,588 Total Entrants 


$8,000 & Above:Need a few more so we dip to 8k.

12 guys fit this category: 

Projections: Since the top price category often features the winner as well as a majority of the ownership I’ll sit out my ownership brackets for each golfer in this and the next pricing category. 

  1. Hideki/Fowler/Rory- 40-50> 150% total ownership
  2. DJ/Jordan/Koepka- 30-40> 120% total ownership
  3. Scott/Day/Garcia-20-30> 90% total ownership
  4. Rose/Stenson/Rham-10-20> 60% total ownership

*A total of 420 of the available 800 will be from these 12 golfers alone.


GTA (Game Theory Analysis):Ownership projections on the whole, and specifically for this category, have been very on point. If you would have, and boy i wish i would have, read into my projections a bit, you would have seen Matsuyama coming in lower owned.. Now granted FauDuel ownership seem quite inflated, but having to choose 8 golfers, = more ownership %… obviously… so even Hideki’s 24.5% is not really that much. Especially when compared to the 47% on DJ 43% on Koepka 51.5% on Spieth or 37.3% on Rory. (**Used 333 Monster for %s).  This week I am expecting at least 50% on Matsuyama and 40%+ on Rory and Fowler. All guys may end up in the top 10 come Sunday night and variability only comes from someone like  Rahm or Stenson winning/top 5. That being said, historically the PGA Champ has bee a “form” tournament, which just simply means that the winner of it has played well in his previous start. Hideki Matsuyama is a form golfer. The run he put on in the beginning of the season was something to remember, and what a perfect time to remember. If your looking for a variance stack Stenson or Rahm may be able to give you a bit, but, may not give you the best lineup. 

The Top Play: How can you bet against Rory or Hideki or Jordan for that matter right now… Even Rickie flashed some incredible form after the first 6 holes of last weeks tournament. Tough to create variance among these guys so I urge you pick your favorite stack and differentiate elsewhere. I think, right now, the best stack you can put out there is Spieth/Rory/Fowler/Matsuyama. 


11 golfers fit this category:

Projections: All numbers are %s

  1. Fleetwood/Berger/Casey- 20-30 > 75% total ownership
  2. Mickelson/Kuchar/Grace-15-25> 60% total ownership
  3. Thomas/RCB/Reed/Noren/Finau- 10-20> 45% total ownership

**A total of 180% total ownership for this pricing category. Thus 600/800 coming from just 23 golfers.

A note on ownership** Last week only 4 golfers outside of the top 20 salaries, were owned over 15% (Stanley,Chappell, Woodland, Leishman)


GTA: The most talked about guy up to this point has been Danny Berger (in this price category at least)… Rightfully so he’s had a great year, but don’t count out guys like Kuchar or JT to get hot. Both played well over the weekend at the Bridgestone, but not great. Fleetwood and Casey have both been playing some very good golf lately. Lost in the “no-cut” party last week,RCB seemed to give up after the first 15 holes…Still no WD and honorable to finish out the tournament. Prior to that start, he was T4 at the British and won the Scottish. Finau is loved because of his ability to rack up points in a hurry and will always give him a standard 10-15% ownership. Patrick Reed and Noren could be the lowest owned here. Just a quick note on CH, Phil Mickelson checks in at number 2 in our CH ranking… keep that in mind. Click here to view our cheatsheet!  

The Top Play: If you go into this category to fill out a lineup, or start it, you might have to eat the chalk with Danny Berger. I do like Patrick Reeds game as a whole, but hasn’t shown us anything that would make his think he can contend.


27 golfers fit this category:


Highest Owned: Leishman/Pieters/Watson/Chappell/Xander/Hoffman/ZJ

Lowest Owned: Haas/Wood/Hatton

GTA: Some really solid performers, both last week and over the year among these 27 gofers. Pieters obviously with a tough Sunday,after a blistering Saturday, couldn’t get the job done but still comes into NC in some good form. Chappell Xander and Bubba all had good weeks in Akron and will surely be looked at by a ton of gamer’s this week. Kevin Kisner will generate quite a bit of attention with flashes of form last week. Jimmy Walker had a dreadful weekend, and us, i suspect, the defending champ to be rather overlooked when lock comes Thursday morning. Whats great is we still haven’t even talked about the top 2 finishers last week from this PC and thats ZJ and Hoffman… I listed all of those guys under highest owned, because i suspect the ownership to be spread anywhere between 10-20% on them. Guys lie Matt Fitz /JB Holmes /Ty Hatton & Web Simpson will be very under-owned. 

The Top Play: Ton’s of talent here.. Pick the stack you like and look into JB Holmes who had 3 good rounds in Akron in ended his tournament with a hole-out on 18. 

$Below 6k –The Rest: Over 80

Top Owned Guy: Li/Stanley/Hahn/Harman/Steele/Cantlay 

GTA & Top Play: With 75% of the field priced below 6K it really deserves the most research time out of any. Outside of the guys i mentioned, I don’t see a ton of golfers demanding that much ownership, so if you need to go against the grain, this is the price category to do it. Guys like Andy Sulllivan/ Grayson Murray/ Dylan Fritelli/ Chez Reavie/ Hudson Swafford/ are just a few of the guys I’m looking at. Be sure to check our full slate of content that will be sure to go more in depth of guys in this price section including: “Chalk or Not” and the signature piece ” The Winning Element”

Positive Price List:

This list is going to show the top price differences between DK and FD priced over 5K on FD

  • Name (price difference)
  1. Points/Kokrak/Swfford-$2,200
  2. Kraft/Harrington/-$2,100
  3. Bryan/Singh/Blixt/gribble-$2,000
  4. Moore/Cantlay/J.Smith/Sterne/Murray/Dechambeau-$1,900
  5. Spieth/Stenson-$1,800

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