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Whether it’s your first time reading, or you’re a seasoned vet, this article goes up and down the DraftKings or Fan Duel’s salary list, and talks about plays and strategies that could be “against the grain.” If you’re not a golfer, putting against the grain is the reference to the way a “green” is cut and if one is going “against the grain” you’re putting away from it.

Recap of Last Week’s Article

Top Category – Well my four stack walked brilliantly in this category as I rode it to a 10th place finish in the $333 monster. In the next category I recommended a three stack, one being Lovemark so I’ll get half a point there. My next one was almost absolutely brilliant with Streb, Luck, and Hahn, but Kokrak missing the cut cost me 1/2 a point there. Lastly, I recommended Bryson Dechambeau in the bottom category which was a win. Total of 3 points… not bad.

My Fan Duel Results- Nice bounce back on FD for me this week as I found myself in the top 10 of the $333 monster… no success in the MME yet though. Nothing like @fgcu05 who managed another top 10 in the $4 fore!                

Fan Duel Contests This Week:  THE SCOTTISH OPEN LIVE FINAL IS HERE BABY! I’ve got my first go at a live final as currently I’m about 3 hours from landing down in the birth place of this great game… What a trip its going to be. 

$4 Eagle- 100K GTD– 20K to first for this contest with a 150 max entry. The people in the industry are really flocking to this contest! HERE TO STAY!

$33 Driver- 30K GTD- 8K to first in this mid dollar buy in.  Max of 53 entries for this contest.

$333 PGA Monster 30K GTD- 8K first place with a max of 30 entries here.

$1 PGA Flop Shot 12K GTD- 5 entry max and a $1,000 first place for a 1$ buy in is pretty awesome! Love this contest for beginners!

$5 Big Double Up 5K GTD- This 50/50 is a great way to start and dabble in the Fan Duel product.

Player Focus

$8,000 & Above: Fan Duel has pricing categories that have to be adjusted as well. Only 10 guys fit this category:


Highest Owned: Kevin Kisner / Daniel Berger:35%  Lowest OwnedZach Johnson:10%

GTA (Game Theory Analysis): My first thought is that ZJ being $400 more expensive on FD than DK will preemptively keep people away… On the opposite side: Kisner and Berger come back to the field and I believe people will continue to flock to the top on FD. I’m not quite saying avoid these guys, but over the last 4 weeks I’ve noticed, and kept track, and the highest salaries are normally owned at a very high rate.

The Top Play:  I want to take the salary increases from DK to FD to our advantage here and stack Ryan Moore with ZJ and Charley Hoffman… This should be low owned with people flocking to Berger and Kisner

$7999-$7,000: 8 golfers fit this category:


Highest Owned: Jamie Lovemark-25%   Lowest OwnedSean O’Hair 5%

GTAJamie Lovemark heads this price category filled with only 8 golfers… I suspect he’ll be very high owned, and maybe the highest owned guy of the entire week… After the MC last week O’Hair will go overlooked by most, but that may not be the correct play. O’Hair at times looked like he was ready to compete in the tourney last week, but just couldn’t avoid the bogeys or worse. Chuckie Three-sticks plays for the third week in a row and is priced at good value here on FD.

The Top Play: Bud Cauley and Ollie Schniederjans… Listen I really do think Ollie is going to win very soon, so until he does, I’m staying with him. Cauley also has been quite close, and with this weak field, Cauley could easily come out on top.

$6,999-$6,000: 26 golfers fit this category:


Highest Owned: Kevin Streelman / Kelly Kraft – 20%  Lowest Owned: Matt Jones /Scott Brown – 5%

GTA: Here again in this price category is where we see a huge price differential between the two sites… Kevin Streelman has the biggest price difference between the two sites coming in at 2k lower. For this reason, and his consistent play I suspect him, and upstart Kelly Kraft to be the highest owned. This is also where I love to try and find that pure value play that can really separate the lineup, but the key is to find one that will be low owned… I.E Streb last week. This week I’m taking a look at a few guys: Ben Martin is right on the cusp of the top 125 for fed ex cup and could make for a great low owned play, as well as Lucas Glover.

The Top Play: Fade Kevin Streeleman… That is all…

$5,999 and Below –105

Fan Duel’s Deep Dive Projections:

Top Owned Guy: even Bryson Dechambeau wasn’t that highly owned, so I suspect to see something similar this week in terms of ownership spread in the deep dive category. Maverick McNealy, the No. 1 ranked amateur in the US, may come in as the highest owned in the category…but as a mentioned with Thronberry last week, it won’t be something that’ll be anything to worry about.

GTA & Top Play:  Almost everyone in this price category is playing for their job at this point… Cody Gribble and D.A. Points, are either outside of the 125 or just inside it. With low ownerships expected throughout I’ll mirror a few names I mentioned in my DK article-  Alex Cejka, Michael Kim, and Johnson Wagner are three guys that I’d be taking a long hard look at. Chesson Hadley is very interesting earning his way back on tour through his play, as well as aforementioned Maverick McNearly. I’m also going to call for the dabble on Whyndam Clark again as he gets his third start on tour.



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