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Whether it’s your first time reading, or you’re a seasoned vet, this article goes up and down the DraftKings or Fan Duel’s salary list, and talk about plays and strategies that could be “against the grain.” If you’re not a golfer, putting against the grain is the reference to the way a “green” is cut and if one is going “against the grain” you’re putting away from it.



Recap of Last Week’s Article: Top Category- a 4 stack was my recommendation, and had you picked the right 4 guys (Rory/Spieth/Casey/Brandt) you would have made out.  However, if you took the 4 highest priced guys, you would have not. The Steele/Lieshman stack in the middle was great value and the Furyk/Tway/Lingmerth stack also provided some very nice value.  In the deep dive category, I put up a goose egg with Whyndam Clark.


My Fan Duel Results- Huge week for me on Fan Duel as I took second in the 333 and 8th. Check the screen shot below!


Fan Duel Contests This Week: Really nailing the product, FD backed off a bit with the weaker field, but the product is picking up steam.


$4 Eagle- 100K GTD– 20K to first for this contest with a 150 max entry.


$33 Driver- 40K GTD- 8K to first in this mid dollar buy in.  Max of 53 entries for this contest.


$333 PGA Monster 50K GTD- 18K first place with a max of 30 entries here.


$1 PGA Flop Shot 12K GTD- 5 entry max and a $1,000 first place for a 1$ buy in is pretty awesome! Love this contest for beginners!


$5 Big Double Up 5K GTD- This 50/50 is a great way to start and dabble in the Fan Duel product.




Player Focus



$8,000 & Above: Fan Duel has pricing categories that have to be adjusted as well. Only 10 guys fit this category:




Highest Owned: Fowler: 25%



Lowest Owned: Jimmy Walker- 10%



GTA (Game Theory Analysis): Well, Fowler presents so much better value here at $10,200 and only 18% of the salary cap vs DK where he represents 24% on DK. Thus, I think he’ll be a bit higher owned here and probably is a bit warranted. Jimmy Walker won a major last year… what’s my point? He can show up and win anywhere and with the expected ownership coming in very low, it might be a reason to play him.


The Top Play:  I want to use the positive salary differences between the two sites here and stack Fowler/Chappell/Steele/Finau or sub in Reed for Fowler.



$7999-$7,000: 10 golfers fit this category:




 Highest Owned: Stanley- 20%


Lowest Owned: Henley- 10%


GTAOddly enough I think Russ Henley is going to come in as the lowest owned guy out of the 10.  Lingmerth and Si Woo Kim are being talked up much more than Henley, which could be rightfully so. Still, Henley is a winner on Tour this year, and it wouldn’t surprise me to see him in one of the final groups come Sunday afternoon. Danny Lee and Keegan Bradley are both coming off of nice performances at the Traveler’s which should generate some interest for some DFS folk. I’m going to stay away *for the most part*. BH An will look to rebound from his less than stellar performance in Hartford.



The Top PlayHenley/Ollie Stack




$6,999-$6,000: 26 golfers fit this category:





Highest Owned: Howell-15%

Lowest Owned: Streb-<5%



GTA: Well the talent pool isn’t quite as nice this time as it was last week, but Tway and other good players still find end up here. Charles Howell will presumably be the highest owned guy in the space due to his popularity, thus creating an opportunity to find players like Luke List under owned. I expect Grayson Murray’s ownership to be very high as well, and a nice pivot from him would be James Hahn or Jonny Vegas.



The Top Play: Luke List at $6,200. In an event where you don’t need to score double digits to win, List can stay close to the top all week. I expect his ownership to be low with the guys surrounding him, so it makes for a nice pivot play.


$5,999 and Below –60+

Fan Duel’s Deep Dive.




Top Owned Guy: Jason Kokrak


GTA & Top Play:  Well Jason Kokrak should go the highest owned, and I’m still recommending you play him anyway. Pairing him though with one or two more guys either priced near or below him would help to create some positive variance. Guys like Cameron Percy and Ryan Brehm would be nice against the grain pairings.


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