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Whether it’s your first time reading, or you’re a seasoned vet, this article goes up and down the DraftKings or Fan Duel’s salary list, and talk about plays and strategies that could be “against the grain”. If you’re not a golfer, putting against the grain is the reference to the way a “green” is cut and if one is going “against the grain” your putting away from it.

 Recap of Last Week’s Article: Avoiding Rahm was one of the first things I talked about last week on FD. I did recommend playing DJ with Spieth, and that hurt me, antd the article. Cantlay/Stuard/Cauley/Hun-An all were good plays and were recommended by against the grain.


Fan Duel Contests This Week:

150K Scottish Golf Qualifier: QUALIFIER NUMBER 2 IS BACK!! I’ve earned myself a few tickets over the past month since The Players, where I lost to my arch nemesis JetBlackX (he’s actually a good guy, we just compete, like every week) It’s a $400 buy in this week, and it’s a 1 best of 67 entries. Tough odds when one person can enter 10X!.

$4 100K PGA Eagle- 150 max entry 20K first place


$300 40K PGA Monster- 6 entries max this week 8K to first.

Scottish Open Satellites- Missing out on the qualifier last week by just a couple points, we have to go back to the sattys this week.  Cheap options $4, $3, and a $1. FedEx St. Jude will be the next qualifier, and it looks like $400 will be the buy in for it. After that a $270 for the US Open, which will complete 3/10 tickets. Still 7 more to be given out. Next week its a $270 buy in.


Game Theory Analysis:  After the first week of competition in the new Fan Duel format, the jury, including me, is still out. I made about 30 lineups last week, and 8 of them had all 8/8 through. In the 300 monster, there were at least 5 teams that had 7/8 and were still able to cash, and I even saw a few 6/8 that still cashed. Without exact numbers, Fan Duel doesn’t provide them like DK does, we an only go off what we see when we manually look at the results. We’ll try to get FD to provide this type of info going forward .***Note that just because a golfer is listed as part of the Game Theory Analysis does not mean that I am recommending playing them unless specified otherwise.***


$9,000 & Above: 6 golfers fit this category:

Since Fan Duel’s salaries are a bit lower than DK’s, as a result, we spread out the price categories a bit.

  • Projections:


Highest Owned: Phil 25%

Lowest Owned: JB Holmes 10%

GTA (Game Theory Analysis): Can you believe DK? Pricing JB Holmes at 6,800 is ludicrous, but Fan Duel got it right. Listen I think JB can win this week, but why not get all of your exposure where he’s priced 2,800 less! On the opposite of that, Fowler checks in at 10,500 which makes it much easier to roster him and get return. Berger gets only a $300 salary decrease from site to site, while Brooks is actually priced below Mickelson!

The Top Play:  At $10,100 Brooks Koepka is my top play. I think he’s got a better chance to win this week vs Rickie, but because of the prices, a Brooks/Rickie stack is not out of the question. Stacking Brooks/Berger may send me to Scotland…

$8,999-$7,000: 17 golfers fit this category:


 Highest Owned: Russel Henley- 20%

Lowest Owned: McGirt <5%

GTAI turn my focus again to the price discrepancies between the two sites, as it’s a great way to find value. In this price category two golfers stick out to me and that’s Russell Henley and Kevin Chappell. On DK both are over $8,700 and here on FD they are 7,600 and 7,400 respectively. The other one that really sticks out to me is Francesco Molinari. $10,200 on DK vs 8,700 on FD showcases some pretty good value here. Look for both Danny Lee & Russell Knox to be very low owned. This can help you create some variance if you’re going with mostly chalk.

The Top PlayPoulter/Molinari/Henley Stack. I think these 3 are the best values on FD, so why not put them all together. Still plenty of salary flexibility using these so you should still be able to get a Fowler/Brooks/Berger


$6,999-$6,000:18 golfers fit this category


Highest Owned: Sanley.

Lowest Owned: Bozzelli

GTA: Fan Duel prices Tway in this price category for the second straight week and joining him is Kyle Stanley. Priced at 8,400 on DK, I expect him to be the highest owned guy here on FD. With the industry loving Tway a bit, I don’t expect the ownership in Stanley to be huge, where I’d advise not rostering therefore the value is just too good to pass up. Smylie Kaufman and Harold Varner also present great value in this price category.

The Top Play: Let’s stack all 3 guys mentioned… Varner/Kaufman/Stanley as the top play in this price category.


$5,999 and Below -117 golfers fit this category: WOW

Fan Duel’s Deep Dive.



It’s incredibly hard to predict ownership in this range, and that’s because no one really garners anything over 5%. FD’s pricing in this category is spot in and incredibly tight.

GTA & Top Play:  117 golfers… Really Fan Duel? Well regardless, that’s what we are faced with so we must comply. Keeping the same theme, Brian Gay is priced below 6K on FD and above 8K on DK…Did DK get Brian Gay mixed up with JB Holmes maybe? I’m not sure but I think Fan Duel has the appropriate pricing. Fabian Gomez also hangs out in this price category and he’s a former winner here! However my top play in this price category is wiley ol’ vet Chad Campbell. He hasn’t missed a cut here in his last 7 tries, and has made 2 straight cuts placing 34th and 13th. At 5,600, he should allow you to stack at least 2 stars, if not 3, in your lineups.


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