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Whether it’s your first time reading, or you’re a seasoned vet, this article goes up and down the DraftKings or Fan Duel’s salary list, and talks about plays and strategies that could be “against the grain.” If you’re not a golfer, putting against the grain is the reference to the way a “green” is cut and if one is going “against the grain” you’re putting away from it.


Recap of Last Week’s Article

Well, my top price category recommendations didn’t pay off as Moore was a victim of the cut. Going down the list though Cauley and Ollie both provided ton’s of points, and the Kevin Streelman fade worked out great. Lastly in the deep dives, Chesson Hadley had a nice 3 day run before fading.

My Fan Duel Results-

Second straight week of making it in the top 15 in the $333 Monster, AND I came in second at the live final, if you didn’t already see me say that 100x… That netted me a cool 30K. Thanks, FanDuel.

Fan Duel Contests This Week:

Awesome contests this week on FanDuel as they look to pump up their golf.
$6 Eagle- 250K GTD– 50K to first for this contest with a 150 max entry. The people in the industry are really flocking to this contest! HERE TO STAY!
$33 Driver- 100K GTD- 15K to first in this mid dollar buy in. Max of 53 entries for this contest.
$555 PGA Monster 200K GTD- 50K first place with a max of 30 entries here.
$1 PGA Flop Shot 12K GTD- 5 entry max and a $1,000 first place for a 1$ buy in is pretty awesome! Love this contest for beginners!
$5 Big Double Up 5K GTD- This 50/50 is a great way to start and dabble in the Fan Duel product.
Player Focus


$9,000 & Above:

8 guys fit this category:
Highest Owned: Spieth/DJ/Rickie/Rahm/Garica will all be around 30%.
GTA (Game Theory Analysis): Our first true look at eight golfers at a major… at least in good contests! It’ll be really interesting to see how low Jason Day, Hideki Matsuyama, and Rory Mcilroy come in with everyone expecting to flock to the five highest owned guys. DJ gets the biggest price differential between the two DFS sites, and I think people may come off him just a bit since he’s been playing terrible as of late. In fact, we haven’t seen him since the U.S. Open, so who knows where his game is. Because of Fanduel’s pricing you can get three or even four of these guys in the same lineup. If that’s the route your going to go, I’d recommend Spieth/Fowler/Matsuyama/Day for some positive variance.
The Top Play: Well I’ve made it no secret that I think Jordan Spieth win’s this major. With that being said I think stacking him with three other guys in this category, and deep diving for the rest of the lineup, could help win a big GPP this week. I’ll take the stack I mentioned above as the top play from this price category.



13 golfers fit this category:

Highest Owned: Justin Rose/Phil Mickelson/ Tommy Fleetwood -25% Lowest Owned: Alex Noren-5%
GTA: Oh boy… The price differential with two huge names (Justin Rose and Phil Mickelson) is going to create a TON of ownership with them. This should free up Patrick Reed, Paul Casey,and Justin Thomas to go really under owned as compared to the other guys. If you’ve read my ATG-DK you’ll also know that I mentioned Branden Grace as a potential sleeper after finding some form on Sunday at the Scottish. Using what we know that people love, Rose and Phil (for good reason) at the majors focusing on the other guys here, should help create positive variance. However, with Phil’s price being so low, I don’t think you could even stack all guys in this price range (using rose and Phil) and create positive variance because a ton of people will be doing exactly that…
The Top Play: Based purely on ownership here, JT/Casey/Grace is my top and favorite stack here.



17 golfers fit this category:

Highest Owned: ZJ/leishman/Weisberger Lowest Owned: Holmes/Fitzpatrick – 5%
GTA: Not as drastic a price changes for the Open between DK and FD here. The 3 largest are the three I mentioned a the highest owneded as I suspect people will flock to that price differential. Using that to our advantage, playing Berger and Snedker, who are more expensive on FD than on DK, would create a ton of positive variance. Another guy that is getting absolutely no love this week, but go a ton of love for the US is Thomas Pieters. This guy is world class talent in the making, and what a perfect time for him to pop… When no one is on him.
The Top Play: Pieters/Berger/Snedeker sounds absolutely amazing. LES GO!

$6400-5500 –30 Golfers Fit this category

Top Owned Guy: Well since it’s the Open and we have a plethora of talent here, I’ve added a price category. This one features former open winners (Harrington) and multiple tour winners this year. One of my favorite plays this week is Ian Poulter, but I suspect up to be the top owned guy here being 1300 less than he is on DK.

GTA : This is the most important price category IMO. If you nail your core above, filling the rest of the roster with guys from here will be crucial. As I mentioned above Poulter will more than likely be the highest owned but his running mate from the 2008 open championship Harrington may give him a run for his money. With a plethora of other guys here though, we don’t’ need to focus on just those 2… How bout Soren Kejledson or BEEEF, Pat Perez, or even the X-man? Those guys won’t get above a 10% ownership, so you should be able to put them with the core above and get a good chance at some positive variance.
Top Play: Kjeldsen Beef and Poulter stack is my top play here. I mean hey, you could even through in Paddy Harrington to as long as you go ATG for the rest of the roster. Something like Matsuyama and Grace…

Below 5500- FanDuel’s deep dive!

Highest Owned- Charles Howell
Lowest Owned- Most other guys
GTA & Top Play-Still a ton of talent even down here! Lovemark Ramsay and Pavon are just a few of the names I like. I truly feel you don’t need to stray to far off the beaten path to find talent and positive variance for your lineup. As I have been doing with these deep dives ill list a few guys I like from our cheatsheet and optimal rating. Bryan,Larrazabal,Jaidee,Fox**,Levy. Don’t be afraid to stack a few of these guys, as you’ll need to if you want to get 4 studs in your lineup.

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