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Whether it’s your first time reading, or you’re a seasoned vet, this article goes up and down the DraftKings or Fan Duel’s salary list, and talks about plays and strategies that could be “against the grain.” If you’re not a golfer, putting against the grain is the reference to the way a “green” is cut and if one is going “against the grain” you’re putting away from it.

Against The Grain  FanDuel

by: Jason Rouslin @DFSgolfer23

Recap of Last Week’s Article:

Well: Nailed the Stenson call!

First: Stenson with Moore Lowry cauley Bradley worked out pretty darn well!

Second: Ew…Emiliano Grillo and summerhays

Third: Werenski- definitely a positive one there.

Personal FanDuel Results:

In a matter of full transparency, I am going to post my results weekly, and give you my top four owned guys across the board. If you’ve been following me since my days with Fantasy Golf Insider, you know it’s important that I implement some, if not all my suggested plays.

Core Players in the golden eagle: Stenson/Tway/Hahn/Moore/Cauley

Top Results: Well i was able to cash my single bullet in the 333 with only 5/8 making it to Sunday…not bad… but i whiffed on the 1060 buy in as i had three miss the cut…ugh brutal. 

GPP-FanDuel Contests This Week: No change in the contests this week… Kind of disappointing. BUT they bring the single entries back at least.

Mass-Entry GPP

  • $333- 30K Monster (8K to first) The high priced buy in has a max of 10 lineups this week.
  • $25- 20K Driver (2.5K to first) 28 entries max here for this mid price buy in.  
  • $4- 100K Eagle (20K to first) The standard…It fills every week without a problem.150 Max.


Limited Entry GPP

  • $1,060- 15K Club House (6K to first) – Interestingly enough you can have 3 entries into this 15 person entry tournament… Doubt anyone will do that
  • $1- 11K Flop Shot (1K to first)- Well FD got rid of most those cool 7 entry and 5 entry max they put out last week, maybe they lost some $$ on it?? Who knows… still this is all we got this week a 5 entry $1.


 Player Focus- Whyndam Championship

***Note that just because a golfer is listed as part of the Game Theory Analysis, it does not mean that I am recommending playing them unless specified otherwise. ***

 $7,000 and Up

We adjust for the lack of players priced above 9K. Still only 16 players fit this mold.

Highest Owned: Kyle Stanley

Lowest Owned: Lucas Glover


GTA (Game Theory Analysis): It’s really incredible that only 16 golfers are priced above 7K this week on FD… The average price you can spend per player is $7,500, which means you could almost just use these16 golfers as your player pool this week! Crazy… Anyway, Stenson and Kisner get significant price decreases from site to site, which should bring up ownership on both. This will create a low ownership, in my opinion, on Bill Haas, where people will more than likely try to spend the extra 300 or 500 bucks to go get KIZ and Stenson. Kyle Stanley who seems to be a favorite week in and week out will likely be the highest owned IF people don’t believe in Ryan Moore yet, and that’s because of his salary decrease from site to site.  A quick note on guys near the #125 Lowry (145) is the only one in danger of not making the playoffs out of all 16 golfers.

The Top Play: Speaking of Ryan Moore…. Moore and Stenson with 1/2 chalk mentioned before (Bradley/Hun-an) is my recommended ATG-Stack.  Dropping down to the 7ks I like a Moore and Stenson stack with Cauley/Lowry/Glover…



32 golfers fit this tier.
Highest Owned: James Hahn

Lowest Owned:  At least 10/32 will be less than 10% owned.

GTA: No doubt that James Hahn (-2100) and Grayson Murray (-2300) will garner a ton of ownership given the price differences between the sites. Both priced over 9K on DK, yet both below 7K on FD, and recently, when we’ve seen this, ownership is through the roof on them. I expect Hao-Tong LI to also garner a ton of ownership here. Next week look at guys right around that 125 mark > Martin (116) Watney (114) Hearn (121) Mullinax (132) V.Taylor (119) Kaufman (135) Palmer (128) Summerhays (124). Next we go to the Cheatsheet to look for guys that may fit the either our optimal rating, key stat ranking, key yardage section, RF or CH ranking> Byrd, Stroud, Campbell, Martin, Streb, Grillo**.

The Top Play: When is Emiliano Grillo going to come back? Maybe it’s this week in a weak field that he finds his form? I’m going buy in to an Ollie/Tway/Grillo + either Murray or Hahn stack. As I mentioned in the ATG-DK Tway and Ollie will win on tour so I’ll take them every time in a weak field. Don’t count out Danny Summerhays either who currently sits RIGHT on the number (126)


5000 and below

SO MANY golfers in this category….

Highest Owned: HV3??

GTA & Top Play : Crazy amount of golfers in this category, and it’s hard to pin-point one guy, let alone 2, that people will flock to in terms of ownership. HV3 is a very popular player that may turn some heads coming in at 1400. The other head scratcher here is Sam Saunders at 5600… It doesn’t match up with his odds or DK price, and I suspect some people & algorithms to pick up on that boosting his ownership a bit. Outside of those 2 guys, maybe Rory Sabbitni and Camilo Vilegas will get over 5% but I don’t expect many others to. So, lets try and find some other golfers that could play well here… Here’s a few  guys that I am interested in this week. First as its more important than ever before as it’s the last week to get into the playoffs! #125> Barnes (143) Poston (130) Van-Aswegen (115) Tringale (126) Werenski (122) Ogilvy (125) Hurley III (129) Henry (134). Now for a few that the cheatsheet and optimal picked up on > Barber, Sabbatini, Villegas, DA Points, Gonzales, Huh, Percy, Hoge, Armour.