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Recap of Last Week’s Article: Well my Spieth in rounds ¾ didn’t pan out much did it? However, my two low end plays both end up working out. We will do better this week.

Fan Duel Contests This Week:

$4 100K PGA Eagle- 150 max entry 20K first place

$1 10K PGA Flop Shot- 5 entry max 1K first place

$333 45K PGA Monster- 6 entries max this week 8K to first.

Scottish Open Satellites- Missing out on the qualifier last week by just a couple points, we have to go back to the sattys this week.  Cheap options $7, $4, $3, and a $1.

Game Theory Analysis: ***Note that just because a golfer is listed as part of the Game Theory Analysis does not mean that I am recommending playing them unless specified otherwise.***

$9,000 & Above: 8 golfers fit this category:

Since Fan Duel’s salaries are a bit lower than DK’s we stick with the same price breakpoint.

  • Projections:

Highest Owned Rounds ½: Koepka > 15%

Highest Owned Rounds 3/4: DJ > 30%

Lowest Owned Rounds ½:  Brandt Snedeker <5%

Lowest Owned Rounds ¾:  Brandt Snedeker <5%

  • GTA (Game Theory Analysis): Ah, a nice price point break. Filled with a bunch of golfers that are notoriously known birdie makers, mixed with the high end chalk. Brandt Sneds is priced way too high for his first tourney back on Fan Duel. I really like using Koepka in rounds 1 and 2 here as his price isn’t too high, and you don’t have to deal with a MC risk. Matt Kuchar seems very expensive on FD so I would get your exposure on DK.
  • The Top Play: I mentioned last week that Spieth, if he can make the weekend, makes way more birdies than most. He’s never made less than 14 birdies here, so again I love him for back end stack. Obviously, I don’t think you can get hurt by going DJ here either, as back to back weeks he’s been one of, if not, the top weekend only scorer. Koepka round 1/2 with Spieth round ¾ will be a mighty popular combo for myself.

$8,999-$7,000: 23 golfers fit this category:

  • Projections:

Highest Owned Rds ½- Ollie Schinderjans- 15%

Highest Owned Rds ¾- Dufner- 15%

Lowest Owned Rds 1/2- Leishman <5%

Lowest Owned Rds ¾- Leishman <5%  

  • GTA: Some really great value here on Fan Duel to fill up your rounds ¾ if you want to front stack the studs.  Charl coming off a MC is very interesting as he’s 4/4 here with 2 top 10’s. Ian Poulter is hot and would serve great as a rounds ½ play, just in case he feels like having a weekend off after walking away last week with a hefty check. Byeong Hun-An is a popular round ¾ play and I myself will have a hefty amount.  He consistently makes cuts, and doesn’t make many bogey’s, which keeps his FD floor high. Using 3 or 4 guys will be a different strategy as well, as many gamers use all studs and scrubs approach, so using a more balanced lineup will serve to be a differentiator.
  • The Top Play: 4 guys in his price category. Ollie, Hun-An, Henley, and Schwartzel. Those  would be my suggestion/one I will use.

$6,999-$6,000: 21 golfers fit this category:

Start of the value section.

  • Projections

Highest Owned Rds 1/2: Tway- 20%

Highest Owned Rds ¾: Poston- 10%

Lowest Owned Rds ½: Sean O’Hair- <5%

Lowest Owned Rds ¾: Sean O’Hair-<5%

  • GTA: Hot start Kevin Tway heads this price category as he’s put up massive Fan Duel points the last few starts. He’s averaged over 50 points for both rounds 1 and 2 over the last 3 and had a great finish at Eagle Point 2 weeks ago. Smylie Kaufman really seems to be rounding into form as well as we highlight in both the “Winning Element” and “Make the Turn” last week. This is where if you want to get creative, you can put a guy in rounds ¾ and look for a made cut, and I can assure many people don’t put these guys in rounds ¾,
  • The Top Play: Safe way – Tway, Kaufkman, Kang in rounds ½ sounds really appealing. A very aggressive strategy would be to put them all in rounds 3/4 and mix with some starts at the top.

$5,999 and Below -107 golfers fit this category:

Fan Duel’s Deep Dive.


Fan Duel’s ownerships are much more concentrated, similar to Euro Tour DK. Therefore, it’s very hard to predict ownership in this price category, as no one sticks out tremendously over the other.

  • GTA & Top Play: Ricky Barnes had a really nice week last according to the Form Generator.  He gained over a stroke against his yearly average in his approach shots, and also had a very nice tee 2 green game. A really low risk play for rounds ½.

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