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After a week spent in the great state of Alabama (with no DFS) I am happily back in the Florida heat to dive into this week’s edition of Getting Rich Slowly. While I have listened to almost all of golf twitter complain about contests (or lack thereof) this week, for our purposes we are finally back with some freerolls!  Despite the fact that it’s for signed footballs, we will get one this week and I expect to get at least two more next week.  As a consequence, I will talk a little more GPP and freeroll strategy this week and get back to the game selection stuff on a week where there are no freerolls.

Recap and Results

The Quicken Loans was a rather benign tournament for us. H2H were a measly 2-2 to eat juice but we were able to cash with 2/4 GPP lineups for an overall winning week. For purposes of putting a peg in the ground for a few weeks from now (when I will be a dad!) The DK Bankroll stands at $6.50 and we have $15.78 on FD.

Anatomy of a Freeroll

Ironically, there are many different types of freerolls in DFS golf. It appears as though DK is ok giving out cold hard cash while FD prefers to give out some type of prize, like an autographed ball from a guy who doesn’t play golf! At the very least the guy could sign a damn golf ball! In addition, the payout structures are almost as extreme as the prize selection. DK has historically paid out a higher number of players and a flatter payout structure while FD pays out only the top 10 (though the value of that prize should be quite high) for a much steeper payout structure. All of the above must be juggled in addition to the strategy associated with each of the sites roster construction rules and scoring nuances.  All this to say that the strategies on the respective sites this week will be rather different, nearly at the extremes.

Freerolls are Back!

Our friends over at FanDuel,  while I think they do a much better job listening to the users (though I do agree with Jon Aguiar that “golf twitter” is the .01%), leave quite a bit to be desired for those of us looking to freeroll.  As of writing, there are 10,500 entrants meaning that the prizes will go to less than 0.1% of the field (Yes- you read that right).  This means that chalk will be your enemy on this slate.  You should almost play this like a milly maker if you want any chance of cashing.  Remember that 11th place is the same as DFL and you have nothing invested so really let it rip with some guys you think will be low owned.  Your target ownership should not exceed 50% for a contest like this. Remember that FanDuel rosters 8 golfers so your average ownership will need to be somewhere around 6.5% PER GOLFER!  Very simply, if you spend ownership on somebody of greater than 15% they MUST win the tournament for you to win.  The alternative is rostering min salaried, Monday qualifier guys with no picture like Darin Fisher and Dylan Myer. While that IS an option, I don’t even throw free money away like that.

Look for more content early next week as we prepare for a big week at The Open.  Best of luck everyone and be sure to let me know how your building is going on twitter @_3putt.