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NBA DFS – 12/26/2017




There is an eight game DFS slate today with none of the teams on back to backs.

However, 8 of the 16 teams are on the front end of back and backs. Most importantly Dallas, Sacramento and Memphis. They all have players that need to be managed more carefully than most teams.




Four teams are paced up today. The spurs who are projected for 109 points a against a miserable Nets team.

The Mavericks against the very fast-paced raptors

The grizzlies who are mightily slow but are playing the fast-paced Suns.



Teams that are paced down are the raptors The Nets and The Suns who at playing against the Nuggets.


HIGH GAME TOTAL and Blowout Concern-

There is blown concern in three games the heat versus the magic where the line is seven but depending on injuries and how depleted Miami is it could be worse than that that… monitor Whiteside situation.

The Spurs are favored by 11 and the Bulls versus the the bucks, who are favored by seven.


Games to Stack

One game with potential interesting player stacks is Denver versus Utah.

On the Denver side both Chandler and Jokic first smart plays and Liles and Plumley are not bad either on the Utah side Donovan Mitchell is one of the better players tonight as it is Derrick Favors also Denver is not good at defending the three-point shot for the point guard so Rodney Hood could be a good play as well as Ricky Rubio sneaky play




And another game that could be a good stack is the Mavs vs. the raptors where DeRozan and Lowry are some of the safer plays on the slate but both with decent upside. JJ Berrea for the Mavs is a great value play.

Lastly the grizzlies versus suns is where you could pair very high usage of Marc Gasol and Tyreke Evans with some real low cost high minute players for the grizzlies.


Pivot Evans to Lou Williams or D. Mitchell to save $


Then try to hit the lottery figuring out what players and how much they will play for the Suns. Then who will score during those minutes. One important note is that Devon Booker looks to be returning. If he doesn’t I really liked Troy Daniels as Memphis also plays very poor defense against the three pointer.




Lowry, been decent but great match-up



1. Derozan, been ?? should continue

2. Dunn has been great, perfect play in GPP

3. Mitchell







1. Jordan or Joker or Favors

2. Vala for Raptors

3. R.Lopez


Other Ideas