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PGA Article: The Cut and MDF Explained

What Does it Exactly Mean? MDF is an acronym that stands for “made cut, didn’t finish”.  It has been a controversial issue since upon immediate implication on the Tour in January 2008. - Overview Traditional professional golf tournaments consist of four...

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API at the Bay Hill Club – Invitational Explained

API at the Bay Hill Club – Invitational Explained

Invitational tournaments generally have much smaller fields (the smallest are WGC and others are mostly between 120 and 132 players).  Invites have more freedom than full-field open tournaments in choosing which players are eligible to participate.  Invite tournaments are not required to fill their fields using the PGA Tour Priority Ranking System plus, unlike full-field open tournaments, invites do not offer open qualifying (aka Monday qualifiers or now, the pre-Monday qualifier qualifier….

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