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About the Author

My name is Scott McAfee, aka @Scottimac11 on Twitter, DraftKings and Fan Duel. It’s great to join the team here at Tour Level and look to provide another unique perspective on cash games. So what makes me qualified to do this? Well, other than being in the top 40 in the roto grinder Pga rankings(it’s the only real measure that’s out there)I have a Masters degree in finance and work as a Trader for my day job.  I love to chat about dfs golf on twitter so feel free to chat with me @scottmac11x

Just like each week tour players are faced with a strategy and course, we as dfs players face that same challenge.There is a different strategy to deploy on cash games, double up and 50/50s pending the tournament and field! This week, I like using a two stars strategy for star studded events like The Players because you can normally get two into the lineup without sacrificing value. The key being, if you have the winner, you basically are cashing if you don’t flop on the rest of the picks. Ill always love the Big 4-5 guys but its too hard to fit a balanced lineup with the highest priced guys. My next 4 picks are usually value oriented guys with great course history, recent form and stats that correlate to the course. I will normally deploy two lineups equally entered amongst every cash game that fits my bankroll. I am firm believer for every dollar you spend on GPP, you should have a cash lineup contest entered for the same amount. This strategy has been great to me on Major Tournament weekends. Normally on a weekly basis I’ll play 10 matches in each of the 2.3,5,10,20 head to heads and also all single entry double ups ( up to 50$). I won’t play the mass entry double-ups, the reason being is because people will mass enter the same lineup and control and or move the cash line. A lot of time making it harder to finish in the money. Also one of the biggest reasons cash games are a success for me is because I track who I play against. Want to try this out? Keep a spreadsheet of opponents and scores, within weeks it will be easy to spot the fish. Want to learn more about my process? Are you part of the club-pro pacakage? Then make sure you follow @tourlvlclubpro for all your contest specific and lineup coaching!  If you aren’t then be sure to come check out our new subscription options!

Starting next week I’ll be recapping my results and the rest of the industries!

The Players Championship

Please check out the T2G:First Cut  for an overview of the course. The PGA returns to Sawgrass for what is considered the 5th Major, a star studded field with lots of opportunity and large prize pools. I will value 3 major stat Correlations (Strokes gained Tee to Green, Strokes Gained on Approach, and of course Birdie or better this week along with course history and recent form(I know this part is obvious!) We will continue with the same structure as the previous weeks, a couple locks, As well as three or four value plays we expect to make the cut

Cash Game Locks

Jon Rahm- ($9600) I feel like the guys that don’t play Rahm are just trying to out smart themselves. I have no issues with is lack of course history which we have seen is not an issue for him. As known on twitter as RahmGOAT he continues to crush the important stats this week. At 9600 he should have no problem putting up value and continuing the great recent form he has had of late. He was a bad last 6 holes from winning last week so he should come in hungry again this week.

Rickie Fowler- ($9300) This is more of a feel, stats, and recent form play and maybe a tad riskier than above but will be in every single one of my cash lines. Rickie’s last 3 events have all been top 15 finishes. He is clearly at peace with his game right now. He also has a new public hot girlfriend if you’re looking for a narrative play to go along with his celebration on hole 17 two years ago( please don’t play him for that reason). He is also very high on the 3 important stats listed above.

Value Plays

Matt Kuchar-($7900) I understand the lack of excitement for this pick and he will also be high owned. 7/8 cuts at Sawgrass and has won here in the past, this has backdoor top 15 Top10 written all over it.

Patrick Cantlay- ($7700) This is the difference maker and @dfsgolfer23 was on him long before anyone else,. Ill also boast that I was a lone wolf in the massive One and done pool on his second place finish on his recommendation. Id be surprised if many outside Tour Level will have him. He is a big time player with a consistent game and his recent form is stellar. His stats also check out.  Lots of holes require movement on the ball and he is an extremely smart calm player that plays within himself. 7700 provided great value here . Cantlay in cash? CANT WAIT!

Martin Kaymer ($7300) Will be high owned but for a good reason, recent form is good, and has won here in the past. He’s been having no issues making cuts here, if I post the exact stat its like discussing a no hitter, you get the idea. Stats also above average, He is 7300 and his Birdie or better is decent as well.

Zach Johnson ($7200) This is more boring than the Kuchar Pick, he has the Kaymer Course History here as well over the past 8. Also coming off a week of playing great .

Rounding out the lineups

Kevin Kisner

Ryan Moore

Best of Luck this week!