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Yearly: All the great benefits, at a steep discount! Get 12 months of full access to all that Tour Level Offers. That includes:

  • 5 pieces of written content per week including articles from top ranked DFS Golf Pro’s- Jason Rouslin @dfsgolfer23 & Scott McAfee @Scottimac11 
  • A full customizable cheatsheet & A Web-Integrated Searchable Cheatsheet 
  • The Tour Level Optimizer- Where an Optimized lineup is just a click away. 
  • Betting Matrix: A fully integrated excel worksheet to help you keep track of your bets and payouts
  • Daily updates on hedging strategies and more!
  • On-Site Analysis***- This applicable when geographically available. Guaranteed 10 tournaments for the 2017-2018 season starting with the Tournament of Champions in Maui.
  • One on One Coaching for all your lineup needs
  • Weekly Video content including live periscopes and youtube show