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Tee to Green

1. The First Cut

Understanding the course and how it is going to play each week is crucial for both Tour Players and Tour Level Players to be successful. Our resident Content Crusher @DFSJimmie breaks down the course like only he can in Tour Level’s Signature article series, Tee 2 Green: First Cut is the cornerstone of a good weekly process. Tour Level takes you deep into the course each week starting with a look at how the course has played in the past and what to expect this week in course setup.  Then a complete breakdown of scoring history with splits for weather affected tournament editions.  We cover everything from the wind variations for tee time waves right down to the average fairway width, most importantly T2G helps you make better player selection decisions with that information.  Including a comprehensive stats breakdown of the past winners and top 10 finishers, identifying which stats are most relevant for success at each course.  All you need to know about the weather and how it will affect the tournament with the most accurate sources in the industry wrap up this weekly article. Start your research on a solid foundation each week with Tee 2 Green: The First Cut and @DFSJimmie before heading over to the Tour Model Tool.   To read this weeks “First Cut” click here 

The Yardage Book is a one of a kind piece that will take you inside the minds of the PGA Tour Professional, how they approach the course, their specific challenges for each hole broken down by key approach distances for both the big hitters and shorter hitters, helping you find the best bombers or the most suited plodders. We go a step further and build our own Yardage Book to give you un-rivelled course condition access each week, all the way down to the specific wind direction on each hole.  If this article doesn’t make you better at player selection…I guarantee it will make you a better real world course manager. To read this weeks “Yardage Book” click here

2. The Edge’s Yardage Book

First Cut- RSM Classic

Whether this is your first time reading, or you’re a Tour Vet, the First Cut should have something for you. In this “First Cut,”  we’ll cover a wide variety of topics in a short amount of time! Ultimately this article should serve as a guide...

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