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FAN DUEL!! I am warming up a bit to the concept, and I really do like a different game as it compares to DK. The article structure will remain the same, but in GTA, I will break it out into rounds 1/2 and 3/4 format.

Recap of Last Week’s Article: This is week one!

FanDuel Contests This Week:

$4 100K PGA Eagle- 150 max entry 20K first place

$1 10K PGA Flop Shot- 5 entry max 1K first place

$333 60K PGA Monster- 6 entries max this week 15K to first.

$2250 Scottish Open Qualifier: A trip of a lifetime here for all you very high rollers. The winner of this 13 man contest wins a ticket to the live golf final at the Scottish Open. It’s an all-expense paid trip to Scotland including 3 rounds of golf, private hospitality suite at the Scottish Open, and 5 star hotel accommodations. Wow. Oh, btw the live final pays 50K to first place! Is this contest too rich for your liking? There are a bunch of satellites to the next qualifiers taking place on 6/8 and 6/15 ($270 dollar and $400 respectively) which you can buy into for as little as $1! Don’t miss your chance at this awesome event.

Player Focus: ***Note that just because a golfer is listed as part of the Game Theory Analysis does not mean that I am recommending playing them unless specified otherwise.***

$9,000 & Above: 6 golfers fit this category:

Since Fan Duel’s salaries are a bit lower than DK’s I’ll have to adjust the price categories. We add Kisner and Casey to the other top 4 golfers here (DJ, Rahm, Scott, and Mickelson) to round out your top 6.

  • Projections:

Highest Owned Rounds ½ : Johnson 15 %

Higest Owned Rounds 3/4: Rahm 50%

Lowest Owned: Rounds ½:  Rahm < 10 %

Lowest Owned Rounds ¾:  Johnson 20%

  • GTA (Game Theory Analysis):If you have been playing FD golf at all, you know that ownership for these top guys is very heavily weighted to rounds ¾. Stacking 2 of these guys, really any 2 in rounds ½ will give you a definite edge in terms of ownership. My positive results on FD have come using this exact strategy. Since this is DJ’s first tournament since injuring himself, I expect him to be the highest owned in rounds 1 and 2 so using Rahm in anyway will be the biggest differential.  
  • The Top Play: Rahm rounds 1/2 . The guy is a machine with points, and also with finishes inside the top 25, top 10, top 5 + Ownership %.

$8,999-$7,000: 21 golfers fit this category:

2 golfers have withdrawn in this price category, Smith-Ooosthouzien, so it brings the number to 21

  • Projections:

Highest Owned: Rds ½- Holmes-15%

Highest Owend: Rds ¾- Simpson- 20%

Lowest Owned: Rds 1/2- Simpson- 5%

Lowest Owned: Rds ¾- Caberra Bello- 5%  

  • GTA: The “hometown” narrative is alive and well in this price category, as both Simpson and Haas are very familiar with the course. The former actually learned to play golf at this course as a kid. Both will take up ownership again on the back end as they will be viewed as “safe” plays. Because of that, you can really get most other golfers in the price category at a very low ownership in rounds 3 and 4.
  • The Top Play: Grillo Rds ½. This won’t be a terribly popular play, but not a hidden one either. He is a player with a ton of talent, and has the game to win on Tour. Ranking inside the top 30 in both ball striking, and total driving, should translate well here.

$6,999-$6,000: 18 golfers fit this category.

Some big time salary differential in the price category in relation to DK pricing. That should have an effect on ownership.

  • Projections

Highest Owned Rds 1/2: Varner- 10%

Highest Owned Rds ¾: Glover- 15%

Lowest Owned Rds ½: Watney 2%

Lowest Owned:Rds ¾: Watney 0%

  • GTA: As I mentioned in the opening, there are 2 significant price differences between FD and DK here. The first being Lucas Glover, $8,600 on DK vs $6,900 on FD. Any time we see a price differential like that there has to be something array, or it can actually present value on either site. In this case, Glover won’t be a secret for rounds ¾ and will command at least 15% there, but you could still get exposure by using him in rounds ½.
  • The Top Play: We have 2 for this price category. Harold Varner is almost an auto lock rd ½ player as he just consistently puts up points, and is always priced very reasonably. The second is Brian Harman in rounds ½. He caught fire on Sunday at the RBC and hasn’t played since – therefore I think this course will fit him beautifully.

$5,999 and Below -109 golfers fit this category.

Fan Duel’s Deep Dive.


Fan Duel’s ownerships are much more concentrated, similar to Euro Tour DK. Therefore, it’s very hard to predict ownership in this price category, as no one sticks out tremendously over the other. I expect someone like Billy Hurley may get up to 5% owned in rounds ½, but I’d be very surprised to see anyone over that % in rounds 3/4 .

  • GTA & Top Play: If you’re making a couple lineups, stacking 2 of these guys in this price category, say Streelman and Kizzire, in rounds ½ will give you a ton of salary flexibility to fill the rest of your lineup.

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